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Pilot Organizations
"With a membership base of more than 400,000, or two thirds of all pilots in the United States, AOPA is the largest, most influential aviation association in the world." You won't find a more tenacious organization for pilots anywhere.
Excellent resource for aviation promotion on a grassroots level.
Aviation Site Resources
Timely information, chat rooms and resources for aviation. One of the most viewed aviation portals on the internet. - Your aviation internet resource. Aviation Top 100, 8000+ indexed & searchable links, Buy & Sell Aircraft, N-number Search etc.
Lots of current information and links to many commercial and reference sites.
Pilot Market
Aircraft for sale, rent, lease. Flight schools. Pilot shops. Avionics.
Aerial Photography. Airplane Parts, Aircraft conversions. Aviation jobs.
Aviation Publications. Aviation services and products.
A portal with over 7,000 links to every kind of possible aviation site.
Aviation portal with classifieds, news and link resources, and interactive aviation forums.
Aviation portal containing aviation related applications (flight planning, pilot logbook, etc..). They also have the complete FAA US airport database. Large search engine for locating aviation related companies, discussion forums and much more.
Great portal that's well targeted for small aviation businesses.
Aviation Reference Desk
A site that was created to provide a comprehensive, moderated list of aviation and aerospace links for industry professionals, pilots and enthusiasts.
Almost 2000 aviation resource links from organizations, manufacturers, suppliers and current events.
Pilot Journey
Flight training information and flight school listings, forums and free newsletters. This is also an ideal internet marketing site for FBOs. Gary Bradshaw can help expand your student recruiting efforts while taking the work off your desk.
Aviators and Aircraft
Aviators And Aircraft Categorized searchable links and Aviation News.
Pilot One brings you the finest products and values in Aviation and Pilot Supplies. We carry a full line of aviation supplies and pilot flight training products for every aspect of flying, including flight headsets, aviation videos, pilot books, training manuals, flight bags, aviation gifts and novelties.
Aerial Products- Remote Controlled Blimps

Giant advertising balloons, remote controlled blimps, aerial photography equipment, helium balloons, dirigibles, RC blimps. The balloon and blimp factory - worldwide delivery.

List & Lettershop Services
AccuData can help you select key information for a list purchase from consumers or businesses. They are excellent at fine-tuning the demographics to give you a very targeted marketing campaign.
Aerodata is a list service for just aviation. They can pull mailing lists of pilots by rating, zip code, radius to your location etc. Bill Culbertson is the contact there and can be reached at They are very helpful, and their pricing is quite reasonable.
Marketing Support Services
This is the one I've used for the last few years. From simple bulk mail, laser personalization to variable data with copy AND pictures, they are on the cutting edge of what is possible to grab your readers attention. Pricing is also very competitive. Mark Goodwin or Robb Sartori can help guide you in the right direction.
A.M. Mailing Services
Marty Ochs at A.M. Mailing is THE marketing guru. No one knows promotion better. They do print and mailing for some of the largest companies in the country. If you're thinking on a grand scale, he can get you the best value for your dollar.
Low-cost Image Resources
Outstanding site! Thousands of aviation images covering all areas. High resolution and completely free to use commercially! I can't recommend this one enough for quality and quantity.

 Outstanding image library with over 2,000,000 images. Prices are usually $1 to $3 for high resolution. The best bang for the buck if you need a shot for your marketing.

iStock Photo

One of the best high-resolution image resources that is a fraction of what most photo stock houses charge. However their prices have been creeping up. Their library contains over 3,000,000 images and counting. Depending on the size of the file, pictures range in cost from $1 to $20. I would recommend always purchasing the largest size for the most flexibility, but before you do, check out Fotolia or Dreamstime to see if they have the same image for less.
Outstanding library of almost 400,000 quality images with most going for $1 or $2. Quite a few aviation shots included. This is what Istockphoto used to be.
Morgue file
Another great resource with all of the images free of charge to download. There aren't quite as many aviation shots as iStock Photo, but for clouds and weather images that are outstanding, do a search for the photographer "cohdra".
Rosebud's Aviation Image Archive
Great site that consolidates vintage copyright-free, public domain images for free downloads. A very well-organized site.
Library of Congress Image Library
If you need vintage aircraft shots, here is the place to look. Shots before 1923 are in the public domain along with many other later ones.
Web Work
CFIs Nationwide
They offer low-cost, custom-made web pages for flight instructors without ads or popups. A very economical option to get in the door and have your own site.
Freelance web design
There are a lot of web designers around who can help you with your site. If you need help with design, setting up a merchant account and shopping cart, Dave Passey is a good one to work with and can get you going quickly. He can be reached at
Free Web Directories
If you want to get listed on a budget, this site has over 187 directories that you can submit your website to along with 70 OTHER directory providers. Best of all, they are free.
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